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Make Your Own Rainbow Unicorn Smoothie

Turn the colors of the rainbow—red strawberries, blueberries and orange mango—into a magical treat that is tasty, simple and wholesome!

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Celebrating What’s Undeniably Great about Dairy!

Celebrate June Dairy Month and what’s undeniably great about dairy with recipes, videos and informative facts from the undeniably dairy website!

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WIN with IGA and June Dairy Month

Visit the IGA website for informative dairy facts about dairy nutrition and sustainability, great dairy recipes, and an interactive game with 30 days of dairy trivia. For every dairy trivia question you answer correctly, you’re entered into a drawing to win dairy for a month in the form of $250 of IGA coupons!


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Happy Father’s Day! Celebrate Dad in June and all year long!

What is your favorite memory of a meal with your dad or father figure? For me, each season brings a different answer to this question, and for summer my answer involves the grill. Here [...]

Celebrate Moms in May and Every Day!

Did you know Mother’s Day has been celebrated for over 100 years? It’s no surprise that we want to take a moment to thank the moms in our lives for all they do for [...]

Celebrating Earth Day Every Day with Better Choices for Ourselves and our Planet!

With so many food and beverage options today, there’s so much to consider when making better choices to nourish ourselves and our planet. From questions about sustainability to thoughts on packaging, portions, transportation, energy [...]

Go Green for Good Health

What does going green mean to you? From celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and the start of spring, to making more sustainable lifestyle and food choices, March is the perfect month for greener, better choices [...]

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