What’s in Season?

The spring months–-March, April, and May–offer a beautiful bounty of fruits and vegetables for your table, from strawberries and citrus fruits to lettuces and greens. And remember, frozen, canned or juiced, it all counts, all year round!

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be safe in the sun

Be Safe in the Sun

Find tips to help you protect yourself and your family from getting too much sun.

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Working Together to End Stroke

Did you know that women have more strokes than men? Learn how to protect yourself with these prevention guidelines.

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IGA Better Choices Blog

Find out how to make better choices that are right for you and your family with the IGA Better Choices blog! » Learn More

Celebrate Moms in May and Every Day!

Did you know Mother’s Day has been celebrated for over 100 years? It’s no surprise that we want to take a moment to thank the moms in our lives for all they do for [...]

Celebrating Earth Day Every Day with Better Choices for Ourselves and our Planet!

With so many food and beverage options today, there’s so much to consider when making better choices to nourish ourselves and our planet. From questions about sustainability to thoughts on packaging, portions, transportation, energy [...]

Go Green for Good Health

What does going green mean to you? From celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and the start of spring, to making more sustainable lifestyle and food choices, March is the perfect month for greener, better choices [...]

28 No Cook Meal/Snack Ideas for Heart Month

It doesn’t have to be hard to make better choices. Here are simple ways to eat better, even if you don’t know your way around the kitchen. Remember, two food groups make a balanced [...]

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