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Better Choices for a Healthier Lifestyle Begin with Knowing More!

What’s our ultimate goal for helping you work towards your Health & Wellness needs? To share the resources and information you’re looking for from your Hometown Proud IGA so you can make the better choices that are right for you.

Our philosophy is one that’s easy for you to believe in, too. It’s all about balance and enjoying occasional treats while making educated decisions every day. Moderation is key, and with a little planning, pretty much all your favorite things fit in just fine.

Want that piece of birthday cake on your birthday? Have it by balancing it with a healthier meal and some activity. Simple, right? And more importantly, something you can do for a lifetime—especially when you pair it with the informative, easy and sensible tips you’ll find on this website related to shopping and food prep, food safety and wellness. Not to mention recipes!

And pretty soon, you just might find that your small better choices become bigger ones.

It can happen. Because better choices are all about taking that first step, wherever that may be for you.