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Happy Mother’s Day!

Check out our #infographic to inspire new ideas for sharing time together in the kitchen. Kids of nearly any age can help cook, making today's meal fun while providing the foundation for skills that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Click on the image below to interact with the PDF! Kim Kirchherr, MS, RD, LDN, CDE, [...]

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Spring Clean your Menu – Three Ways to Update your Intake

One of my favorite ways to keep meals interesting is to switch out fruits and vegetables every season. If you love to eat local and get bored with the same meals day after day, there are some easy things you can do to eat well and deliciously, too. Focus on what is in season and [...]

Spring Clean your Menu – Three Ways to Update your Intake 2018-03-05T20:12:03+00:00

Follow your Heart!

Celebrate American Heart Month! Heart disease is the number one cause of death globally.  Here are some easy and impactful ways to help care for your heart and the hearts of those you love: Hydrate properly. Staying hydrated isn’t just for exercise. Our hearts and muscles need to be hydrated to work efficiently, and many [...]

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18 simple things you can do for your yourself and for the planet in 2018!

Interested in more information? Click on the link in each item to dig in! Clean your closet and donate items that are in good shape that you no longer wear Clean the house weekly Plan meals before grocery shopping Stock and use your spice rack for flavor Spend time with a friend Write a thank [...]

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17 Ways to Celebrate this Winter!

As 2017 draws to a close and we prepare for festive meals and catching up with friends, family, and loved ones, serve delicious foods with health and well-being still top of mind. Here are 17 easy ways to keep things delicious and nutritious. 1. Eat breakfast. Take care of yourself each morning, and use this [...]

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November Noshing with Health in Mind

November is Diabetes Month and with all the holiday parties, chances are, diabetes is on a lot of people’s minds—whether it’s you, your family, or someone at the party. How do you plan a party that caters to all your guests? Follow these three easy tips and you will be well on your way to [...]

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Pack fun in fall menus!

The holiday season is fast approaching! Oftentimes the fun is focused on the party days, but what happens when you transform every day lunches into something fun and healthy? Here are three tips to celebrate healthy holidays all season long. Color your world. Halloween colors include purple, orange, and black. What foods can you think [...]

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Celebrate September!

Did you know September is a great month to gain inspiration for your health and wellness journey? That’s because September is family meals month, food safety month, fruit and veggie month, and cholesterol month all rolled into one. Wait! I promise it’s going to be fun. Read on for five ways to weave these important [...]

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