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IGA Better Choices Blog

When you decide it’s time for you and/or your family to start making better choices in food and activity, it helps to have a reliable resource to turn to—especially when you consider all the conflicting information out there coming from everyone from your neighbor up the street to latest diet guru on social media.

That’s why IGA has registered dietitian Kim Kirchherr. With over 18 years as a registered dietitian, 15 years as a certified diabetes educator and having made hundreds of appearances on national television and radio shows to talk about health and wellness, Kim knows a thing or two about making better choices.

Stay up to date and in the know about living a healthier lifestyle with regular blogs from Kim and other credible guest contributors.

Heart to Heart

February is American Heart Month, which means there are lots of “heart-y” reasons to have fun making better choices this month. Why is it so important to think about heart health? For one thing, Heart disease is the number one cause of death in America for men and women, but [...]

Building a Roadmap to Success with the New Dietary Guidelines

The calendar has turned to a new year with new goals and renewed excitement to reinvigorate our personal commitment to take care of ourselves by making better choices when it comes to food, wellness, and lifestyle. It’s also perfect timing that the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) have been announced. [...]

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