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Planning & Shopping

Looking to learn how to make better choices when it comes to planning and shopping your Hometown Proud IGA? Just click on the photos below to be taken to trusted sources ranging from MyPlate to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to Fruits and Veggies — More Matters for the insights you need. And check back frequently because content is changing all the time!


Add Color

Eat fruits and veggies daily. Did you know all forms count? Choose from fresh, canned, dried, frozen and 100% juice.

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Eat Smart!

Eating better doesn’t mean you have to give up favorite foods. Learn how to make simple changes to focus on delicious, nutrient-rich foods.

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What’s in Season?

February offers a wonderful assortment of fruits and vegetables for your meals. What will you enjoy this week?

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Where do the whole grains go?

What’s the best and safest way to keep your whole grains fresh and nutrients intact?

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How do I know it’s whole grain?

There are many delicious whole grains to choose from. Here’s a quick way to find some of them when shopping.

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How do I store this?

Making the most of your groceries includes knowing how to store your tasty purchases once you get home. Get tips for your favorite fruits and veggies.

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