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Planning & Shopping

Looking to learn how to make better choices when it comes to planning and shopping your Hometown Proud IGA? Just click on the photos below to be taken to trusted sources ranging from MyPlate to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to Fruits and Veggies — More Matters for the insights you need. And check back frequently because content is changing all the time!


What’s in Season this Fall?

Fall’s bounty brings an endless array of options for healthy eating. Check out what’s in season now at your local IGA—and how to prepare these awesome fruits and vegetables—with help from our friends at Fruit & Veggies More Matters!

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nutrition facts

The New Nutrition Facts Label: How Does it Help?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has updated the Nutrition Facts label on packaged foods and beverages with a fresh design that will make it easier for you to make informed food choices that contribute to lifelong healthy eating habits. Explore it today!

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Mini fridge

10 Tips for a Smarter College Mini-Fridge

College food doesn’t have to be cold pizza, ramen noodles and cereal—especially if there’s a mini-fridge in the dorm room. Try these 10 tips for a smarter college mini-fridge, featuring healthier grab-and-go breakfasts, study snacks, and creative lunch options.

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Learn about Milk Fat Percentages

Ever wonder what the different colored caps on milk really mean? Learn about milk fat percentages and what they mean for your health.

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10 Ways to Curb Food Waste in the Kitchen

Nearly a third of all of the food we purchase each week ends up in the trash. Find out how you can do you part to curb food waste.

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basted bbq pork ribs in oven

Be Inspired with Pork

Visit Pork Be Inspired for new how-to video series and chef inspired recipes.

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