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Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

It is said that having a child is to forever have your heart go walking around outside your body. As we at the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids look at our nation’s current drug epidemic, we don’t only see the 144 individuals who lose their lives every day to overdose, but the families that surround them – families who have lost their hearts to a loved one’s disease.

Nothing tears apart the fabric of a family quite like having a child who is struggling with addiction. Parents are usually overwhelmed by feelings of guilt, shame and fear. From the very beginning, parents encounter hurdles. When they suspect something is going on and Google for answers, they discover there is very little reliable science-based information available, a far cry from the abundant resources for all other health issues and diseases.

That’s where the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids comes in. We’re dedicated solely to supporting families and we’ve been on the frontlines of this issue for three decades. With our toll-free Helpline (1-855-DRUGFREE), our national network of parent coaches and our wealth of science-based tips and tools at drugfree.org, we let families know that they are not alone in their effort to find help for their child and that there is hope for recovery.

The Partnership is so proud to join forces with the IGA Cares program to help families impacted by substance use disorders find help and hope for their loved ones. Because of IGA’s commitment to being a leader in the communities they serve, they are the perfect partner to increase awareness of the Partnership’s lifeline for families and raise critical funds to support parents in need.

We invite IGA shoppers to watch our video, purchase IGA-brand products such as bottled water, hamburger and hot dog buns and ice cream with the Partnership logo, and make donations at check out to help us reach even more families. We thank you for your support and look forward to working with you and your local IGA store to help families in your community.

Marcia Lee Taylor
Chief Policy Officer
Partnership for Drug-Free Kids